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The First Immigration Stamp

I want to take you back to March 2009. Fiver years ago was my first travel outside the country. My passport got its very first stamp from the Singapore immigration.

The trip was rather unplanned, that we booked our flight and hotel three weeks before the scheduled departure. The story was, we needed to send something to my brother, but the courier refused to accept it; so we thought of bringing the stuff personally. So we did (oh it is not illegal drugs, but yes, some medications :))

Our seats costed me and my mom Php 8,500 (188 USD)  each, for a one-way flight to Singapore; while the hotel was booked through Agoda.I looked at this trip as a sort of a gift for my mom, so I decided to book a good hotel for our 5 days and 4 nights stay.

I remember how excited I was preparing for the trip! I made a list of the things that I needed to bring, and the kind of clothes that I will wear. You could imagine how much stuff I brought!

Until the day of our departure came. I took countless pictures of everything that would document the trip (and I am so glad I did!) - from my bags, notes, boarding gate, and food. Even before I started blogging about food, and #foodgasm became a popular hashtag, I have been taking pictures of food and drinks, and things I put in my mouth.. (ok, that doesn't sound right..).


I remember the 3-hour flight seemed like a long flight for me that time. I had been accustomed to short flights from Manila to Cebu, or Manila to Bohol which takes only an hour. I brought a book with me (I think it was Gossip Girl), but I only scanned one chapter as I didn't want to miss every moment of my first travel outside the country.

When we landed to the City of Lions, I tried to take a selfie through my digital camera with the background of the airplane. The airport security warned me. My mom scolded me. We didn't want to be in the headline for breaking the rules of Singapore.

I kept my camera and off we lined up in the immigration. There is always something scary about going through the immigration. But the trick that always works - smile and be pleasant. We got our arrival stamp that signaled the start of mom and daughter's adventure.

Outside the airport, I took out my camera to take my first picture of Singapore. When I took a shot, the LCD showed a white preview. How nice it was to travel for the first time in another country with a dead camera?

More stories and (hopefully) pictures on my next entry..

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