te Where I Walk Tall: The First Travel

The First Travel

When I think of my very first travel, I want to associate it with the first time I rode the airplane. It was in December 1997. We boarded a Philippine Airline aircraft bound to Cebu.

My first official travel entailed great adventures - from waiting in the airport for the offloaded baggage, to bunking with locals, and renting a cab that drove us 8 hours to our first destination. It took us another day and night from Cebu City to reach our final destination - Bantayan Island, Cebu.

We got to visit the Ogtong Cave and Beach in Sta. Fe, Beach Club, and I remember how beautiful the place was. The beautiful sun rays gave the sand a whiter texture and the sea a clearer calm scene. It was a picture of serenity and peace that even the sight of foreign visitors enjoying the golden rays of the sun (in skimpy bikinis) didn't bother me. It was like stepping inside a painting.

At that early age, I have marked Bantayan Island as one of the best beaches in the Philippines that even my visit in Boracay didn't shaken my belief. After 17 years, I am hoping and wishing that the same picturesque scene would greet me the next time I visit the place.

We were only armed with a film camera at that time, and these are the only pictures I am able to recover from our files.

Sailing across the sea

A tree house in Ogtong Cave, Sta Fe Beach Club

Looking at these pictures, I remember exactly how I felt as I hold the camera and took the shot from the boat - I was excited to find out what is in the southern part of the Philippines -  what is in Visayas, how do people live there, what do they eat, what kind of clothes do they wear? At that time, I did not have a name to call the curiosity I was feeling then; probably, it was overshadowed by the feelings of excitement to see my family.

It was New Year's eve when we traveled back to Manila. As we drove the same path on our way to the airport, I remember looking at the houses amidst the dark trees, and I said "these people don't know what they are missing in Manila". I thought, they don't have TVs, computer and shopping malls. I remember feeling a bit sorry.

Then I realized, people wouldn't miss what they have never experienced.

And thinking about it now, those people have what we (living in the Metro) don't have - they live closer to nature.

Now, I am writing this and missing that something that I did experience. A beautiful travel memory in Cebu.

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