te Where I Walk Tall: Thoughts En Route to London

Thoughts En Route to London

The ramblings were written offline while I was thousands of feet high up on the air. I am finally starting my series of blog posts about my short London trip (!!!). The initial entry was published in my personal blog, but the side stories and side trips would soon be published in this site.

I would do everything to see London even for one day. It was like everyone has read the script in response to my news when I told friends I might visit London. It was the same thoughts that was running in my mind when I received the invite to visit London. When I finally renewed my passport and secured my UK Visa, the journey to London started with the 15-hour non-stop flight from NAIA Terminal 2 to Heathrow airport.

October 8, 2014

I am typing this entry in flight PR 720.  We have been staying here in the plane for 9 hours. 9 long hours and 6 more to go before London says hello to me.

By the time I have posted here, I might have already checked in our hotel (but, as expected, London didn't let me stay online or even sleep - the city is too beautiful to waste my time online!)

So, it is really happening (add gazillion exclamation marks!!!!). Three weeks ago I received an invite to fly to London for a product launch. I thought I couldn't make it but I did everything I can to get here. I was racing with time and I felt literally tired rushing and battling. I had questions, doubts, and partly, negativity consumed me that part of me hated the decisions I made. 

But I did everything. 

This trip is like a reminder to myself that if I want something, I need to do my best and keep on praying. The 15 hour flight seems like a break to me. Earlier, part of me wanted this to end. I wish I could just ask the pilot to stop and drop me off whichever part of the world we were in. 

People say I am lucky.. but I would like to see it as a blessing. Last month, I attracted this trip to happen. The Law of Attraction worked once again. I dreamt of visiting London. But not this soon. 

I am rambling, writing and sharing this post to remind you how good work, good intentions and trust in God can do miracles in your life. Whatever it is in your heart, whatever it is that you desire, work on it to make it happen. Pray and believe. Don't forget the golden rule. God is always watching. 

Okay, I sounded like a Parish priest on that entry; but truth is, I let the future surprise me. I don't do bucket lists because I don't want to disappoint myself. But at least, that's 1 destination I am crossing off my to-visit list. :)

Keep on following for more stories.

Travel Date: October 2014
Destination: London, United Kingdom

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